Current Members

Steph Weber

Assistant Professor
Stewart Biology Building, N5/16
1205 Avenue Docteur Penfield
Montreal, QC H3A 1B1
(514) 398-2042



Anne-Marie Ladouceur

FRQNT Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Hello!  I’m Anne-Marie, a post-doc in the Weber lab.  I did my undergrad in Microbiology and Master's in Molecular Biology at Université de Montréal, just across the mountain! I continued on the roller coaster to grad school in Cell and Developmental Biology at UNC Chapel Hill with the Maddox labs.  Early on during my thesis, I was interested in understanding how organelles regulate and adjust their size to the size of the cell during development.  Spending my summers at Woods Hole for the Embryology course really pushed my interest for studying cell biological problems in the animal development context.  By joining the Weber lab at McGill, I want to further learn about new cell biological problems like the assembly of non-membrane bound organelles but using biophysical approaches. I believe we must dissect carefully the cellular parameters using simple model organisms like bacteria before trying to study them in developing animals.     

Peng A

Ph.D. student

Hello! My name is Peng A. I am PhD student in Biology. I did my undergraduate in Biology at Sichuan University and my first graduate in Dental Medicine at West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University. In my previous study, I worked on epigenetic regulation on the DNA replication. Motivated by the idea of investigating the origin of life, I stepped into the exciting and promising phase transition field. I am excited to be part of the Weber Lab and to see how the non-membrane organelles unveil the secret of life.

Baljyot Parmar

Masters Student

Hi, I am a masters student at McGill. I did my undergraduate degree at University of Toronto in physics with a specialization in biophysics.

Megan Couture

Masters Student

Hello, my name is Megan Couture and I’m a masters student here in the Weber Lab. My research focuses on the LINC Complex's effects on nucleolar assembly in C. elegans embryos. I did my undergraduate degree at McGill working in the Weber Lab, too. I'm excited to now pursue my research full-time!

Albright Kim

U3 Student

Hello!  My name is Albright Kim and I am currently an undergrad at McGill University where I am pursing a major in Biochemistry.  Nova Scotia is where I call home and I’ve had previous laboratory experience working at Dalhousie University.  There I conducted some research on a neurological disease called Huntington’s.  Now I am delighted to have the opportunity to be part of this lab and excited to see where this research will take me.

Graydon Tope

U3 Student

Hello! My name is Graydon Tope and I an undergraduate student majoring in both Cellular and Molecular Biology and Anthropology in the Interfaculty of Arts and Sciences. Biology has always been something through which I have found great joy and learning. On any day, you may see me tear up in front of a microscope because I am overcome with the beauty of the quaint, seemingly organized, elegant life forms that are all around us. I am honored and ecstatic to explore the expanses of biology with the Weber Lab! 

Matias Claus

U2 Student

Hi, my name is Matias Claus. I am an undergraduate student majoring in Pharmacology at McGill University. I am more than glad for the opportunity to work in the Weber Lab studying C. elegans. I look forward to engaging in exciting research, and to broadening my understanding of living organisms and the inner workings of cells.

James Wall

U1 Student

Bonjour-Hi! My name is James Wall and I am an undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a major in Physiology. I am excited to work in the Weber Lab focusing on the intrinsically disordered protein DAO-5 and cannot wait to see where this will take me. I am eager to learn more every step of the way and build upon my ever-growing knowledge and understanding of biological systems.

Natika Bikraj 

U1 student

Hello! My name is Natika Bikraj and I am an undergraduate student at McGill University where I am majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I am truly honored and at the same time quite thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the Weber lab, where I will be specifically performing rRNA FISH on early embryos. I look forward to exploring and understanding the complexity of living organisms!

Lab Alumni

Hannah Burr  QB Honours student;  now postbaccalaureate in the Tanner lab

James Goldberg  NSERC USRA recipient; now Biochemistry Honours student in the Pastor lab

Alex Diaz-Papkovich QLS rotation student; now PhD student in the Gravel lab

David Cohn  McGill SURA and NSERC USRA recipient; now QB Honours student in the Reyes lab

George Perlman Biology undergraduate; now studying abroad in Panama

Brendon McGuinness QLS rotation student; now rotating in Guichard lab

Philip Siekierski Physics undergraduate